10 Questions to Ask Your Caterer

Planning an event is not an easy task. The caterers that you will hire have to be able to handle and coordinate the reception party. They should be able to provide the tableware rentals, stock the bar and bake the cake. Choosing the best caterer will be a process but it will be worthwhile one. Below are 10 questions you should ask your caterer before hiring them;

  1. Does the caterer have a license; ensure that the caterer has met local health department standards and carries liability insurance.
  2. Liquor liability insurance; if you are going to serve liquor at your event, be sure that the caterer has a liquor license. The license minimizes how much you will have to pay in case something wrong happens.
  3. References to previous clients; if your caterer is as good as he says he should be able to provide previous client contacts. Use the contacts as references to know about their previous work and if they were satisfied with the services.
  4. The type of foods the caterer specializes in; if you have a particular cuisine in mind, use a caterer that is specialized in that specific meal.
  5. The service provided; there are some caterers that do not offer full service. Ensure the caterer is able to provide food, do the table and bar setting as well as the cleanup.
  6. The caterer’s prices; Ensure you hire a caterer who is within your budget range.
  7. Time range; be specific with the time you want the services delivered.
  8. Special requests; if you know some of your guests have allergies ensure that your caterer can provide special meals for them.
  9. Tasting; be sure to do a tasting of all meals before the big day.
  10. Other services; do not assume that your caterer will provide seats, tents and crockery.


Before choosing the caterer, ensure they are able to do a perfect job.

By: Daksha